Excel has been in the field of training and facilitation since 2003. A dream of Sqn Ldr Unni Nair, it is now a versatile organisation of repute, value and goodwill providing world-class learning facilitation services and creating transformational experiences. We at Excel Pro journey along with you to discover yourself, your innermost leanings and preferences, potentials and passions and help you actualize them in career and in life. Our mission is to journey along with you, to help you discover yourself, your innermost leanings and preferences, potentials and passions and help you actualize them in your profession and personal life. We don’t just help you make a living, but also celebrate the joy of living life to the fullest! Our facilitators are professionals with a strong background of human psychology and are adept to quickly grasp the dynamics of individuals and within groups in order to harmonize and synergize to drive common goals.

Excel Pro has been instrumental in transforming the lives of more than a lakh students from schools and colleges, making them begin journeys towards a fulfilling life! Excel believes in the old adage, “Knowing is not Doing, Doing is Doing”. We are here to create the magic of understanding life through fun and accelerated action!

Our CoreTeam

Sqn Ldr Unni Nair

Unni is driven by living life to the fullest and moving people towards greater accomplishments through fun.

He is a powerhouse of energy, a motivator and an “Entertrainer”. He loves to explore his potential through varied art forms. His 5 years in NCC sparked his interest in serving the country and resulted in a beautiful tenure of 14 years with the Indian Air force. His posting in Ladakh was a life-changing experience, while being a parasailing instructor a skydiver was a top highlight of his adventure cell experience.

His love for sports and the arts led to the birth of two signature events – RED, an Inter-Corporate Cultural fest which is India’s finest competition today, and Oxygen, an Inter-Corporate Sporting carnival.


Sonali Menon

Sonali is a fun-loving person and her purpose in life is to spread joy around her, however small or big. Her driving force is her non-judgmental attitude, her strong sense of empathy and her loud, infectious laughter that allows others to resonate with joy.  

She has over a decade of experience in the field of learning and development, bringing value to individuals, teams and organisations. The laughter and energy that she brings to the room put everyone at ease.

She believes that for people to experience happiness within, they have to live every moment as if it were their last.

Her ability to reflect and find the humour in every situation makes her bring positivity and good cheer to all in her vicinity.

She finds life’s lessons in everyday experiences and uses it as a tool to improve on herself, thus enjoying and living every moment fully.