In the hospitality industry, it is very important that your service is top-notch and employees offer their best service.  People perform best when they are happy and happy employees translate to happy customers!

Excel's "Hospitality Training" program is  tailor-made for this service-intensive industry. It not only helps train staff on customer relations, grooming and etiquette, but also on areas such as personal excellence, stress management, time management etc. This intense and high-energy two-day program is aimed at to increasing the overall happiness of employees in the organisation and motivating them to perform their best.

Duration: Two Days

Ideal Batch size: 35-40 per batch

Modules Offered

Personal Excellence

Everyone can lead a life of fulfilment, being the best at what they do. They just need a trigger to spark off their abilities and help them set goals and change the world around them as they desire. The Personal Excellence module helps bring about the self-awareness and self-realisation they need to achieve their goals.

Customer Relations

The main reason why people come back to restaurants and hotels is because of the way customers are treated. A simple and small gesture to brighten up a customer’s day could turn into a lifetime relationship with the organisation. Through this module, we teach you the tricks of the trade, how to deal with customers and what can be done apart from your daily necessities.

Grooming & Etiquette

Sometimes all it takes is a single look at a person for us to assess someone’s behaviour and character. Yes, we do live in a world where the book is judged by the cover but that doesn’t mean that the cover can’t be enhanced. Through this module, we teach you everything from table etiquette to dressing for the occasion, that will help you not only at work but also out in the world where how you project yourself matters!

Conflict Management

Win-Win is the only way out. Conflicts happen everywhere no matter how much we try and avoid it. It is how we handle conflict that differentiates us from the rest of the world. Through this module, we help you to deal with conflict in your everyday lives.

Stress Management

In the Army, there is no concept of stress and that is only because an individual has around 2-3 seconds to make a decision that affects their life and the lives of many others. In the hospitality sector, there are several cases which are deemed stressful. All this stress can be made obsolete with the way we approach problems. In this module, we expose you to a different style of training that takes away all your stress and makes the world a stress free place.

Time Management

168 hours every single human being on this planet has in a week but how efficiently do we end up utilizing it? How many hours in a week do we waste? This Time Management module helps create an awareness of how much time we waste and helps every individual break that time-wasting pattern and triggers effective usage of every hour in the week.

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