- An Ethics Training workshop

Basic ethics, discipline, honesty, integrity, dependability are words that are often used but most poorly understood or interpreted!
The need for essential training in Professional Ethics, Values and Code of Conduct is paramount, given the changes and inadequacies that are prevalent world over. Whether you are a student looking to land your first job or an aspiring professional eager to grow in your company, a solid foundation in ethics makes you an asset to any organisation. 
Our Ethics Certification gives you a strong foundation in professional ethics, workplace etiquette and soft skills to boost your chances of standing out and getting hired into the organisation of your choice and preparing you for leadership roles.

Duration: 6 hours online/offline

Ideal Batch size: 35-40 per batch

Ethics Components Offered

Ethics & Success

The way of the world always suggests short cuts and deviousness, however, we will help you get on a path that is efficient and ethical while striving to attain your goals. 

Values are valued

Every employee’s values must be aligned with the organisation’s to ultimately become the backbone of their existence and purpose.


The integrity of an individual is intrinsic and non-negotiable. We show you what it means to maintain integrity in your workplace and your personal life to grow into the best version of yourself. 


Interdependent on Integrity and loyalty, honesty is a basic quality of transparency and accountability that organisations are built on.

Responsibility & Accountability

Essential characteristics of solid employees and great Citizens. Responsibility is designated, sometimes taken, but comes with an equal measure of accountability. The measure of confidence in an employee is directly dependent on reliability.

Trust, Respect & Leadership

Leadership moves hand-in-hand with followership. True followers inculcate respect and go on to become great leaders. Learn what it takes to inculcate trust and discipline in your peer group. 


Inclusivity and diversity are moral and legal responsibilities and should be ingrained in every human being. Inclusivity involves access, attitude, choice, partnerships, communication, policies and opportunities. Creating an inclusive and diverse atmosphere in your workplace amplifies your credibility and attracts talent

Following Legal Standards & Ethics

The law sets minimum standards of ethical behaviour and prohibits us from certain behaviours. Ethical people understand the law and are able to go beyond it. With a great understanding of the law, you can change or amend rules to enhance your professional environment. 

Excellence & Discipline

Excellence is a journey without a break. It is paramount to be a worthy resource as a person or as a professional and cannot happen without a sense of discipline. This is the source of reinforcement which can only take you closer to the aspirations that drive you.