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Unconventional Methodologies, Unbelievable Outcomes

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The Excel Pro Advantage


Customisable programs

Customized programs for Life-skills development  using the accelerated learning methodology


16+ years of experience

fulfilling experience in the field of corporate human resources training.

High impact interventions 

Several Modules offered focusing on different skills that depend on your requirements

Transformational experiences

Empower your teams with training that drives top companies of the country

Dedicated high calibre facilitators

A whole team of experienced trainers to support you every step of the way.

200,000 participants

Changed the lives of close to two Lakh people across the country.

Making  Personal Transformations Consistently

Excel Pro has Multi-Lingual, Multi-Talented Experienced Faculty who facilitate accelerated learning for High Energy Skill Building Programs with activities using multiple methodologies leading to long term impact. 

Happiness ka Chotta Package 

Start Date: June 15th, 17th 19th 

Modules: 3

Duration: 1.5 hrs per session 

An exposure in aligning yourself from within to the environment, circumstances  and to enjoying life's journey.

The most elusive requirement for any human being is happiness. Happiness doesn't have to be premium, it stems from within. 

Here's to knowing the importance of happiness in our lives.

Leadership Workshop

Information will be

updated soon


Are leaders born or trained? What are the leadership qualities that You possess? What kind of leader would You make? 

Leadership is about inspiring people to do what they never thought they could do. 

Join our leadership program - become the inspiration yourself!!

Coming Soon

Yoga on Wednesday

Start Date: June 10th

Weekly Sessions addressing a different aspect every week

Our lifestyles demand compromises, mostly on the Personal front! Never ever compromise on your Personal Wellness though!
The rigours of this millennium necessitates a conscious focus on your health and well-being. Physio-Yoga is the way forward, brought to you by an expert in the skill of Yoga and physiotherapy.


Personality Development 

Information will be

updated soon

How do I make an Impression? How can I make the first impact last? What sets me ahead of others? 
How do I groom myself to make others see and take notice?

Join our Personality Development Program

Learn and imbibe the skills to make your personality a shining example of Excellence!

Coming Soon

Social Emotional Intelligence 

Starting date Jun 20th -22nd

Modules: 3
Duration: 1.5 hrs per session

Isn’t it time you said “hello” to yourself? Isn’t it time you found out what really makes you tick? 
Wouldn’t you love to positively streamline other peoples feelings as well as your own?
Life is so much happier when we really get to know and understand ourselves better. 
This program will help you on your journey of self-awareness

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