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4 reasons why your company should try outbound training

Outbound training simply means that participants move out of their office environment in order to experience new activities which in turn will help them perform their work duties more effectively. It helps them understand that any job could be done excellently and enjoyably only if they get involved completely and if they apply themselves wholeheartedly.

The top four reasons why your company should try outbound training are:

1. Employees are more open to learning in an informal environment.

Outbound training always feels like a picnic because it’s away from the office setting and most often it is organized at a venue which boasts of its natural surroundings. It’s here that employees let down their defences, are open to new ideas, let go of their inhibitions and try their hand at new activities. When one feels like they are among friends, they are willing to go the extra mile to get involved in all the activities, because it helps them explore their own potential and also helps them understand their own strengths and weaknesses along with the strengths and weaknesses of their co workers.

2. Bonding between individuals and teams becomes much stronger

Ever so often we find that when people are thrown together in unknown situations they work really well together to find solutions. Outbound training cuts through all the formalities of office, different teams, hierarchy and gender and brings together individuals and teams without them even realizing it. Working together on a task and finding a solution together as a team makes them understand the importance of bonding between teams. Once they go back to their work spaces they continue to be bonded and find that the synergy between teams and departments is so much better.

3. The learnings are more practical oriented and therefore easier to apply back in the work atmosphere

The span of attention of an adult is less than 5 minutes nowadays. Therefore the only way to get across any learning is to get people involved in an activity. The employee learns through experience, reflects on it, draws a learning from it and then goes ahead to apply the learning. This would be the process followed in outbound training. Once the process is understood practically while being involved in a physical task, it becomes that much easier to follow a similar process at work. Just like children learn better when they have a practical class, adults too need a similar experience to understand their own thought process much better.

4. Employees feel a sense of belonging to the company, as they believe that the organization is willing to invest in them.

Companies/organizations who take care of their employees always get a lot of love and respect from them. They feel a sense of ownership and a sense of responsibility towards the organization. Once the sense of belonging has been established the attrition rate is much lower and employees stay with the company for a long time. Making employees feel like they are important to the company and that they matter is what outbound training helps to do. Feeling valued and respected for their contribution to the company makes employees give back to the organization their 100 percent.

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