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This has been a trying time!! World over! Affecting, threatening and debilitating!!

This epidemic/pandemic that the world has seen over these few months has made Life so much more different for Humankind across region, race, position or power! It has affected us and hard, but has taught us some hard important lessons too, some we will keep in mind forever, others will get frittered after a semblance of normalcy returns!

One important lesson that you would have learnt is that there is quite a bit of things you could do even while at home, all day. Another lesson is that there’s so much you could learn and grow if you focused on it. We are privileged in much that we have and most often take this for granted, is another awakening! However, the most important lesson we would have learnt is that when pushed to it, Human Beings ADAPT!!

It’s with a sense of humility that we understand, many things in the World and so much more in the Universe, happens where we, as Homo Sapiens, and Science, as a field of enquiry, has limited knowledge. What we as a race that is 2 Million Years Old, have got to bring into our existence is the ability to ADAPT!! When faced with a situation, we do adapt. To a large extent, as we have advanced in the field of Information and Technology, there is a tendency to get comfortable and sedate, in comparison to the ages before. We are great at adapting to the rapid changes in material influencers, however, we have gotten a little lethargic with the changes we need to make at the Physical, Mental and Emotional levels. Nothing that a little bit of Training, cannot put in place!

That’s one other important lesson that - when forced to do, we do it - reluctantly, maybe. One lesson that we learn in the Armed Forces, thanks to the Training, is that unless we face a situation, we never learn to cope. Unless a Pilot trains to fly in Bad Weather, he will always remain afraid and uncomfortable to be able to actually handle it when it hits! Experience makes a person ready, experience that comes with facing and training for it!

It reminds me of the comic story of the interview with a Most Successful Business Man:

Question: How did you end up being such a Successful Business Man?

Answer: Two Words - Good Decisions

Question: How did you learn to make such Good Decisions?

Answer: One Word – Experience

Question: How did you get all this rich Experience?

Answer: Two Words – Bad Decisions!!

So, the old adage that says, “The Best Way to avoid a Problem, is to Face it!!” holds true so well in situations of this nature! When in it, stand up, face it, handle it and learn from it!! So, ultimately, the more you experience hardships the better you get at handling it well!!

Being Trained is what it takes!! That gives us the last lesson for this note – Never neglect Training, no matter what the circumstances be and how many ever excuses you find, embrace it and keep it going at all times!! Train, individually and collectively – As a person, as a Family, as a Unit and as an Organisation!!

Never let Training GO!!

Sqn Ldr Unni Nair

Head Honcho


28th Apr 2020

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