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Corporate training and Just exactly what it entails.

Corporate training ensures that employees enhance their skills and therefore improve their performance in their personal as well as professional lives.

Most organizations use training to teach employees new skills for the same job or to move them into another role which requires a different skill set. For example, if a team leader has to become a manager he needs to be trained on leadership skills and on how to wear the mantle of manager with a certain dignity. For that, he will need training on how to communicate effectively, on how he has to be groomed to carry himself, on how he takes initiative and on how he is able to pass on this training to his juniors.

Corporate training includes hard skills as well as soft skills. On the job training is normally done on a regular basis, so that the employees are current with their skills in the technical aspects of their job. Soft skills training programs on the other hand are very few and far between. This is possibly due to the fact that organizations are always firefighting and therefore are unable to devote the kind of time and effort that it takes to train their employees in soft skills. It takes a very committed organization to realise that without the requisite soft skills, the employees will always fall short. Most organizations now have understood the importance and are working to bridge the gap.

Communication skills, personal excellence, interpersonal skills and leadership skills are the most sought after training programs, as they cover the complete grooming of an employee in becoming an asset to the organization. It takes a lot of commitment from the employer as well as the employee, to accept that there is a need for training, for them to understand the need, to find the right partner to deliver the programs and to action the learnings so that the benefits are felt by both.

Making sure that the employee is in a complete state of readiness to handle any situation at work and otherwise with a mindset that is positive is what corporate training essentially sets out to do.

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